Know Your Rx Coalition Staff

IMG_6401Richard Amos, Executive Director

Richard Amos is responsible for marketing, sales, finance, communications and the overall strategic direction of the Coalition.

Mr. Amos is also the Chief Benefits Officer at the University of Kentucky. He oversees all UK benefit plans, including the self-funded medical plan covering about 33,000 lives.

Mr. Amos started working at UK in 2016. He has an MBA from Oklahoma City University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Lucy B. Wells, RPh, Clinical Director

Lucy Wells

Lucy Wells received her BS in pharmacy from the University of Kentucky. She has extensive community pharmacy experience, including six years as director of the outpatient pharmacy at UK HealthCare. Since September 2008, she has served as the Prescription Benefit Manager at UK.

Ms. Wells is responsible for prescription plan design, clinical programs and formulary maintenance for 31,000 UK active employees as well as for the employer group waiver plans (EGWP) Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for UK retirees.

In addition to oversight of the team of Know Your Rx Coalition clinical pharmacists, she provides strategic direction, monitors clinical programs and optimizes cost management for the pharmacy benefits for each coalition employer.

Travis Albrecht, RPh, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Travis AlbrechtTravis Albrecht received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Kentucky in May of 2013. Prior to graduation he spent four years as an intern at the Kentucky Clinic Outpatient Pharmacy. After graduation, he worked as a staff pharmacist with the same pharmacy before moving to the Coalition in early 2015.

His experience within the high volume retail setting at the Kentucky Clinic has prepared him for the myriad questions we handle at the coalition with regards to patients and their pharmacies. His strong connection with the UK Pharmacy has allowed for efficient communication between the coalition, our patients and the pharmacy.

He enjoys speaking with patients and helping them understand their medications – both the pharmaceutical logic behind each prescription as well as how the patient could save money by switching to a safe, effective, cheaper alternative. He has enjoyed how this role as a pharmacist has challenged him and opened his eyes to a new world of opportunities for pharmacists.

Marissa Boelhauf, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Marissa BoelhaufMarissa Boelhauf joined Know Your Rx Coalition in 2015. She helps manage prescription benefits for UK employees as well as employees of other coalition members. She also provides counseling about prescriptions. She is a lifelong Lexington native and graduated from the UK College of Pharmacy in 2011. She worked in a RiteAid pharmacy for nine years before coming to UK.

As a pharmacist, she enjoys being able to provide medication information to patients that can help manage their medical conditions effectively. Know Your Rx provides a clinical setting where she can provide patient-centered care to members that focuses on disease-state management with the most cost-effective medication therapies.

Lea R. Goggin, RPh, Clinical Staff Pharmacist 

Lea GogginLea Goggin received her BS in pharmacy from the University of Kentucky. She has extensive experience as a community pharmacist, including more than 20 years as an independent retail pharmacy owner as well as experience in hospital and nursing home pharmacy.

Since the implementation of Medicare Part D, she has had extensive exposure to the plans through consulting, evaluating, dealing with insurance companies and filling patients’ prescriptions.

Ms. Goggin sold her pharmacy store in November of 2009, and she continued to work for the new owners as a co-manager. Ms. Goggin loves to take care of the patient and is always putting patients’ needs first. Ms. Goggin joined the Kentucky Pharmacy Coalition as a clinical staff pharmacist in August 2011 and is enjoying her role.

Amy Griesser, RPh, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Amy GriesserAmy Griesser, RPh graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in 1997.  Throughout her career, she has worked in a wide variety of pharmacy settings, including  retail, compounding and  long-term care.

Ms. Griesser joined the Know Your Rx Coalition in 2015 as a clinical staff pharmacist. She enjoys being able to give members her undivided attention when they call in with prescription questions or concerns. Her goal is helping patients save money while improving their health care.

Matt McMahan, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Matt McMahanMatt McMahan received his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Kentucky in 1982 and has more than 25 years of experience in hospital pharmacy. Mr. McMahan works in the UK Benefits Office as a staff pharmacist. In his current position, he especially enjoys talking with patients and finding ways to save them money on their prescriptions.

Mr. McMahan has extended his time and talents within the community as a founding board member of Faith Pharmacy, a short-term medical assistance program that helps low-income patients fill their prescriptions. He and the initial founders of Faith Pharmacy have made a tremendous impact in the community by helping patients obtain medications and assist with prescription counseling.

April Prather, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

April Prather

April Prather received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in May 2015. Her experience with the Coalition began with a managed care fellowship through the University of Kentucky. In addition to exposure to  pharmacy benefits, this program offered post-doctoral education in Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy.

April  was happy to remain with the Coalition as a clinical staff pharmacist after her fellowship. She has found much joy in interacting with the other pharmacists, as well as the members they serve. Her days are thoroughly fulfilled knowing she is able to help members receive optimal care through maximizing prescription benefits while minimizing prescription costs and meeting medication-related needs.

Allison Russell, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Allison Russell2Allison Russell received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in 2003. Before joining the Know Your Rx Coalition in 2013, Ms. Russell had 10 years experience as a community pharmacist at both Wal-Mart Pharmacy and the Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy.

As a community pharmacist, Ms. Russell enjoyed interacting with her patients. Ms. Russell’s favorite part of working at the Coalition is the positive impact she makes by helping members save money on their prescription costs and solving medication-relation issues.

Patricia Walker, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Patricia WalkerPatricia Walker received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in April 2017. During her two-year Managed Care Fellowship with Know Your Rx Coalition, she will also be completing a master’s program in Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy. Patricia aspires to provide the best service possible to our members as she continues to expand her knowledge at the University of Kentucky. She is excited to be involved in the process of helping members save money on their medications. She enjoys the closeness of our team of pharmacists at the Coalition and is glad to be part of a group that collectively strives for the most optimal patient health outcomes.

Carol Watson, Pharmacy Services Representative

Carol Watson2Carol Watson has worked in many roles at the University of Kentucky. Since 2013 she is the Pharmacy Service Representative for the Know Your Rx Coalition. Before joining the Know Your Rx Coalition, she spent seven  years as Benefits Advocate at UK.

Her desire is to provide the best service and care to everyone who contacts her. She also teaches aerobics classes for the UK Health & Wellness Program, leads marriage classes and directs the choir at her church. Loving people and encouraging others is her motto.