About Us

The purpose of the Know Your Rx Coalition is to help employers in non-profit higher education, health care and the public sector provide cost-effective prescription benefits to employees and retirees while using best practices in benefit design plan to improve clinical outcomes.

Our members receive many benefits, including:

  • Financial savings
  • Use of best pharmacy practices
  • Effective clinical management of prescription benefits
  • Improved outcomes for covered patients

The Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System anticipates annual savings of $11 million and a $400 million reduction in the long-term financial liability of associated with its health plan for retirees age 65 and older. Because savings occur through volume purchasing discounts, coalition members realize financial savings without necessarily changing the benefits provided to employees and retirees.

Employees of coalition members also benefit from cost savings and can receive information from our staff about lower-cost alternatives to their prescriptions, harmful drug interactions and other topics related to their prescription coverage.

Express Scripts administers prescription benefits for our member organizations. Express Scripts is dedicated to providing outstanding service for all of its clients.

A collaborative approach

Because the Know Your Rx Coalition is a collaborative organization, participating members can serve on its operating committees in several ways:

Coalition board: Responsible for oversight of the coalition and the development of new business and education opportunities for members.

Clinical committee: Forum for clinical staffs to discuss high-level issues of concern to all members.

Learn more

For more information about the coalition, read this one-page overview (PDF).